Trackbar Emotion

Trackbar Emotion
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Product Description

Trackbar Emotion is the most advanced ergonomic computer mouse on the market – to a significantly lower price than similar products!

A wide roll allows for precise cursor motion. Highly sensitive, large buttons to operate – most traditional mice require up to 3 times the force! The latest studies indicate that using less force helps prevent and rehabilitate suffering.

Carefully analyzed surfaces are well suited to users who compute five or more hours daily: maximum comfort is achieved with materials that are non-sweat-promoting, smooth and soft.

Buttons can be programmed, using a software that can be downloaded free of charge, to give the user to the critical advantage of speeding up repetitive processes and greatly reducing “mousing” strain on hand and arm muscles.

Dual sensors – The only ergonomic computer mouse with dual optical sensors; 2 x 1000 dpi sensors create unbeatable performance.

Microphone – Trackbar Emotion has a built in microphone, enabling the user to use voice control software and thus replace hand movements with spoken commands.

Dimensions – User feedback suggests that existing ergonomic computer mice are too bulky. Today's computer is smaller than it was during the 90's! Trackbar Emotion has evolved to accommodate the modern workplace with ergonomically correct and up-to-date dimensions.

Colors – Via colored rubber skins Trackbar Emotion comes in seven different colors. See color options below under Accessories.

Portability – Trackbar Emotion's small size fits naturally next to a stationary computer or laptop – even into a laptop's travel case – and makes it the logical choice for the increasing number of laptop users.

Ease of use – No setup required! Plug&play makes Trackbar Emotion ready for immediate use.

Switchability – Trackbar Emotion is the only ergonomic computer mouse available today enabling users to rotate the device 180 degrees with the flick of a switch so they may have the bar close to their body rather than the keyboard – a direct response to users’ valued feedback.

Style – No one wants to look at an ugly device on their desk all day! Euro Office believes that even the best ergonomic products won't be used if they aren't attractive. They emphasized cool design in their development criteria and their team of leading industrial designers in Scandinavia created today's Trackbar Emotion, an elegant desktop tool that people will be proud to use.


Removable Microbiologically Cleanable Cover
Removable Microbiologically Cleanable Cover