The Switch Mouse from Humanscale

The Switch Mouse from Humanscale
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Product Description

The Switch Mouse is an innovative mousing solution that boosts comfort and reduces the risk of injury. This groundbreaking peripheral device integrates two major innovations—a V-shaped base, which puts the wrist and forearm into a natural pronation for left or right-handed users, and size adjustability to provide a perfect fit for any computer user. Other features include a built-in palm support to prevent contact stress on the wrist, four-way scrolling dish to minimize repetitive motion, and programmable buttons for user-specified functions. All of this adds up to the most customizable and ergonomic mouse ever created.


• V-shaped base positions wrist and arm at a natural angle

• Scrolling dish provides vertical and horizontal navigation

• Adjustable length ensures proper fit for most users

• Integrated palm support eliminates contact stress and reduces risk of carpal tunnel syndrome

• Symmetric shape accommodates left- or right-handed use

• Encourages the use of large arm and shoulder muscles, allowing delicate hand and wrist muscles to relax

• Programmable buttons for user-specified functions


• Certified for Windows and Mac OS

• Cable Length: 150 cm (59”)

• USB Connector

• Resolution: 800dpi

• Technology: Optical scanning technology

• Switch: Micro Switch

• Current Consumption: Max70mA

• Switch Mechanical Life: 1,000,000 cycles

Manufacturer's Warranty - 1 Year