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Access Ergonomics provides quality, affordable ergonomic office products you can use to create a comfortable, healthy workstation. We carry chairs, keyboards, keyboard support systems, document holders, monitor risers, laptop holders, mouse/pointing devices, monitor arms, and more.

Injuries occur when working in awkward postures for extended periods of time and/or performing tasks requiring repetitive motions. Ergonomics is the science of making the job fit the worker - by addressing key workstation issues such as good seating with proper lumbar support, keyboarding at the right height with neutral posture, and viewing your monitor at the correct level. We have the products to assist you in making your workplace more comfortable and healthy - discover what a difference Ergonomics can make for you!

We are proud to work with the best manufacturers, supplying top-quality ergonomic products backed by solid manufacturer guarantees at low, affordable prices.

Posture your body for success

It's important to avoid strain and aching at home and the office by using ergonomic office furniture. With the help of ergonomic chairs and an ergonomic keyboard you can avoid awkward posturing and stay pain-free. To alleviate wrist and arm pain, we suggest you use a comfortable keyboard, an ergonomic mouse, and a properly adjusted keyboard drawer.

Many people complain of backache after a long day of sitting. It's best to maintain proper posture while staying focused on the tasks at hand, and that's why we're offering the perfect ergonomic computer chair and a host of ergonomic office chairs to prevent injury. We believe having ergonomic office furniture where you work is one of the many steps towards a healthy and successful work environment.

To free up floor space for your feet and protect your computer from dust and office mishaps, we offer cpu holders to keep your computer securely fastened to the underside of your desk.

If you're looking for ergonomics on a smaller scale, we offer Ezgrip ball point pens to ease the muscle tension associated with constant writing. And, to reduce the discomfort of working on a notebook/laptop, we suggest a laptop holder with an external keyboard.

Whatever you need to create comfort in your workplace, we're happy to help you find it at Access Ergonomics.

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