Freedom Task Chair with Headrest in Sensuede

Freedom Task Chair with Headrest in Sensuede
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The Freedom Task Chair with Headrest in Sensuede, which provides the user with maximum ergonomic benefit with minimal manual adjustment. The additional headrest provides added support to the head and neck. As with the standard model, this chair automatically provides the right support throughout the reclining range, and fully adjustable armrests allow complete freedom of movement. Options include foam or gel seat, standard or advanced gel armrests, and standard hard casters for carpet floors or soft casters for hard floors.

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Sensuede Colors
Sensuede Colors
Offering style and performance, sensuede was developed to be the best and most luxurious engineered suede available. The silky feel is the result of recycled microfibers that are breathable, extra-strong, and resistant to most stains and wrinkles.

Colors from top left are: Ebony, Pewter, Chocolate, Goldenrod, olive, Pear, Arbor, Denim, Persian, Pampas, and Oxblood.