Foot Rests

Foot Rests assist in supporting the legs, relieving lower back pressure, and encouraging movement to increase healthful circulation. When your feet don't reach the floor comfortably, this can result in significant discomfort to your legs, even numbness and restricted circulation, as well as back pain and soreness.

Our Humanscale, Sunway, and ISE foot rest models are attractive, durable, and most importantly, highly functional foot rests to assist you in sitting with proper posture while encouraging movement of your legs and feet, avoiding numbness and maintaining circulation. Click on the foot rest products below for more details on each item.

Resellers, please see information on our About Us page regarding non-transferrable warranty.

Please visit the Humanscale website at Humanscale or the ISE website at ISE or the Sunway website at Sunway for more specific warranty information.