Ezgrip pen/tool attachment

Ezgrip pen/tool attachment
Item# 705504-71120

Product Description

The Ezgrip Pen/Tool Grip (formerly known as Add-A-Grip) has the same benefits as the Ezgrip pens -- the same comfort, the same light touch, and the same ergonomic injury prevention qualities. The Grips are used in K-12, industry, microelectronics and medical environments. They can be attached to any pen, pencil or pencil-like tool for ease of use. They're used on picks, probes, scalpels, modeling type knives and small hobby tools. Also use the Ezgrip grips whenever repetitive motions are required, to gain more precise control over the instrument used, or when small implements must be used for long periods of time.

Ezgrip Pen/Tool grips are made of a rubber composite that is hypoallergenic and can be cleaned and chemically sterilized. The Ezgrips have low electrostatic discharge - ESD, and shedding properties and, are used in industries requiring clean-room and electronics atmospheres. It is suggested the product be tested for each type of application prior to use. The grips can be custom manufactured for industrial and medical applications. Materials may be changed, and form-fit to specific tools and for desirable properties. Friction Alert! The grips are rubber. When slipped over other rubber or plastic materials the friction created makes this a difficult task. We suggest using a drop of water in the center hole to lessen the friction. The grip will go on smoother and expand to suit the needed width. The water will evaporate. Do not use oils. Oil will not evaporate. You can actually cut open the back of the grip with a scissors and wrap it around and over existing rubber grips such as Pilot's G2 or Zebra's Sarasa, or larger products such as markers/highlighters. That old devil Friction will keep it in place. And if it doesn't, chances are you're using too much pressure and hurting yourself US Utility Patents

Three grips per pack; one each in red, white, and blue.