Evoluent Vertical Mouse, Wireless

Evoluent Vertical Mouse, Wireless
Item# VM4RW

Product Description

Avoids forearm twisting for comfort and good health* The patented shape supports your hand in an upright neutral posture that generally avoids forearm twisting.

The shape is thoughtfully sculpted for uncompromised comfort and easy-to-reach programmable buttons. No finger contortions are needed to operate the buttons.

Pointer speed controls on the side allow convenient adjustment without even releasing your grip from the mouse.

Mini Receiver - The tiny 2.4 GHz receiver avoids being knocked off the side of a notebook computer.


▪ 1 AA battery. Good for 3-5 months of average use.


Windows ▪ Includes driver for Windows XP, Vista and Win 7 in 32/64 bit for programming all 6 buttons. The driver is not required. The VerticalMouse 4 still has basic functionality without it. ▪ Freeware driver for other Windows versions at www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/XMouseButtonControl.htm (Evoluent has no business relationship with this vendor.)

▪ USB only; not compatible with PS2 adapters. May be compatible with some USB KVM switches but it is not guaranteed.


▪ Includes driver for programming 6 buttons. The driver is not required. VerticalMouse 4 still has basic functionality if the driver is not installed.